We are not in the business of selling, renting or trading email lists with other organisations for marketing or surveillance purposes. In case you don’t believe us, we’ve outlined in detail the ways in which personal data is handled or stored.


All website traffic is sent over an SSL connection so that intelligibel data cannot be intercepted. This is particularly useful when forms are submitted, as data entered into the forms on the site may contain sensitive data such as personal data or authentication credentials.

Types of data

Google Analytics

We use the Google Analytics service to see how many visitors are viewing certain parts of the site. Information recorded by this tool cannot identify anyone. We use it to see if anyone is actually using certain parts of the site. The goal of course being to make the information as useful, findable and relevant to you, our users as possible.


When you use the website to make a request to enter an event, your entry details are stored so that we can plan the event; notably your estimates of swimming times etc. This helps us to schedule the start times so that people won’t get in each other’s way.

Login Cookie

In order to log in, a cookie is set to authenticate any requests made to the members section of the website. See below.

Sign up and Login

We ask that you create an account on the website so that you can enter the event, this allows us to do a couple of things. Firstly, by using email to confirm entry, we can ensure that entries are coming from genuine people. This means that we can direct resources to arranging the event most efficiently.

Secondly, when you apply to enter an event, we ask a couple of questions relating to that event which you are able to modify and check during the lead up, using the “my entry” section of the website.


The contact details you provide are used only to communicate with you regarding your entry, eg. to approve your entry, and provide event specific details.

Emails are sent to members for the following reasons:

  • Signup confirmation (user initiated).
  • Account admin eg. forgot password (user initiated).
  • Event related emails, eg. acceptance, race info etc.
  • Optional information about additional related activities. *
  • Your results after the event.
  • To let members know when registration opens for the next event. **

* Currently the only related activities are the training sessions that we run in the lead up to the event. You can choose whether you would like to receive information about these during sign up. You can opt in or out (specificly) of training emails at any time on the “my entry” section of the website.

System generated emails are always sent from the address: no-reply@wottontriathlon.co.uk

No details are ever shared with a third party.


Via the login you will be able see your times from previous events (if you have completed more than one event using the same login). If you do not to keep your account after the event, you can delete all the information related to it on the “my entry” part of the site. If you do this before an event that you have entered, your entry to the event will be deleted as well.

Third parties

No contact lists are ever shared with a third party.

Social Media

There is no requirement to use social media to authenticate or register. There are no share buttons on this site either, as they require us to embed third party code from the social networks that comprises the privacy of our users. You can still share links to our site though, that would be great!

Access to your personal information

If you think you could be a person about whom we hold personal information and would like to know what it is, please let us know. You can request to view, amend or delete it as you like.